Bad credit loan options for people on benefits


Save your own finances

It can take one a long time to recover from having a bad credit score. However, to improve this situation, you will need more loans to turn around your credit status. Someone might question how this can be made possible when most lenders are shying away from borrowing to people with no steady income. You may have a few options to go through this when getting a fast loan like in the UK. Just try to pay the loan back on time so as to slowly build your credit again.  

In one option, you can use your home as equity to secure a loan. Most lenders will be easy to negotiate with if you are providing the security for the mount you would like them to lend you. In this case they will be sure to recover the loan from equity incase your default and on the other hand, the thought of missing your car or home to the lender will be a driving force towards settling the loan in time.

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Put money back in your pocket

Another option of getting a loan for those with bad credit in the UK is through joining a credit union. These unions are also referred to as corporate in some localities, in that the lending union is owned by the borrowers. Corporative have more lenient borrowing rules and requirements as opposed to mainstream banks. Here, your initial joining cash outlay is what the lender will rely on and not your past credit history.

The operation is in form of each member depositing cash in an account just like the usual savings account following a given frequency like monthly or weekly for a given set period after which they can qualify for a loan depending on the amount they have saved so far. For example, those who haven saved more qualifies for a larger loan limit as opposed to those with small amounts in their accounts. The interest in this corporative is permissible and another advantage is that the saved in the accounts earn dividends.

The low side is you need to do have saved with them before taking a loan. There are some of the alternatives on where to get a loan with bad credit and whichever one chosen, make sure not pay back in time to build your credit score. Receiving UK benefits does not stop you from receiving additional or loans in order to help.